Indoor Activities Montgomery County, PA

Chilly autumn days have arrived – are you and your loved ones looking for indoor activities Montgomery County, PA residents choose when they want to stay warm and have a ton of fun? Expedition Escape is a top contender!

Whether you and the rest of your group have never participated in an escape room challenge before or you have some experience, we’ve got the perfect room for you! Here are a few examples of our rooms of varying difficulties:

  • Bank Heist (KOP) – As a member of America’s most skilled crime syndicate, you’ve been assigned to attempt a heist at the Valley Isle Bank. Specifically, your task is to unlock the safe inside the bank using the clues, hints and tools hidden for you by your team members. You have an hour to do so before the security system is reactivated and the police show up. Do you have what it takes to crack the code?
  • The Candy Shop (Montgomeryville) – You and your cousins have inherited your grandpa’s candy shop, but you don’t have his secret chocolate recipe! You need to find the pieces of the recipe, which are scattered around the shop, and put them together so you can continue the business and pay off the mortgage before the bank repossesses the shop. Act fast!
  • Quest for the Throne (KOP) – You’re the elder sibling in a royal family, so you should have taken over the throne when the King and Queen died. However, your sinister younger brother and his corrupt castle guards banished you from the kingdom instead. You’ve decided to sneak back into the kingdom and set things right. Can you get into the castle and find proof of your birthright without anyone noticing you?

No matter which room you decide on, you’ll definitely want to keep these tips and tricks in mind when trying this indoor activity in Montgomery County, PA.

What Are Past Escapers Saying About Expedition Escape?

Wondering what others who have visited Expedition Escape have to say about us? Here’s a review from a participant who greatly enjoyed her time at our KOP venue!:

“Very professional escape room experience with nice staff, lots of space, and clean facilities. I had been to two other locations in the general area, but this was my first time at Expedition. I went on a double date to do the Bank Heist room. Definitely pretty hard, with a lot of (easy) math involved. We needed a bunch of hints but would have made it out if we had another 3 minutes or so. There was actually another 4-person group of people we didn’t know who joined us in the room and it turned out to be a great time! We got into the room early, and the staff member assigned to us was SO helpful and funny throughout the experience. She stayed with us to take group pictures afterwards. This location also has a ‘Passport’ where you get rewards if you do a certain number of rooms. Overall a really fun outing.”

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