Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a game?2023-05-19T20:17:22-04:00

Please book your game online by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can give us a call at (610) 265-3915 to make a booking over the phone.

Full payment is required at the time of booking.

What is your sanitation process?2022-12-08T13:13:56-05:00

We are cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces daily in our games and our lobby.

Will I be playing with other participants?2023-05-19T20:28:26-04:00

We are the only escape room in the area that has all private reservations with only a 2 person minimum! This means you’ll never be in a room with people you don’t know.

Other companies are public reservations, so if a room can hold up to 10 people and you reserve 4 spots, for example, the remaining 6 spots stay open online for other players to reserve. The way we stay private is we require a minimum of 2 players (even if you don’t have 2, you can always come with only 1, but must reserve for 2 knowing that it will be just your group in the room).

Plus, since the room is yours, you can always add additional people later on!

Since Bank Heist is a lower price, it always has a minimum of 4 people (you can always play with less than 4 but you’ll need to pay for the minimum of 4).

On Saturdays and busy Holidays, all of our games have a minimum number of 4 players.

Do I need to book in advance?2023-05-19T20:19:47-04:00

Yes, we strongly recommend booking a reservation through our online booking software by clicking here.

We can take walk-ins but we cannot guarantee that a time will be available when you walk in without a reservation.

Am I really going to be “locked” in a room?2023-05-19T20:21:06-04:00

No! You are never actually locked into any of our escape rooms. The doors are held with strong, magnetic locks which would release automatically if the power went out. You can exit the game at any time or in the case of an emergency by simply pressing the green “Push to Exit” button located by the entrance door in each room (don’t worry, we’ll point it out when you get inside). That’s not the way you win though! While you could just simply push the button and leave the room, that won’t stop your timer, you’ll need to progress through the game and meet the goal!

Expedition Escape, and owners, Marisa and Skylar, care about our players and their safety. In light of the tragic incident that happened in Poland, we felt the need to make sure that you know you are always safe, never locked in, and can exit the room at any time you wish.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the PA Department of Agriculture (PDA) oversees any and all amusement rides and attractions (which includes escape rooms). Every day that we are in operation, a daily inspection is performed that is recorded and kept for our records. Twice a year, an inspector from the PDA comes out to ensure everything is up to code.

Some of the laws escape rooms must follow include (but are not limited to):

  • escape room doors must have a one motion exit (like a push to exit button where the door swings open) or cannot be locked at all
  • sprinklers in every room that must be placed correctly for full coverage
  • an emergency exit plan must be posted within each escape room detailing a route to exit the building
  • emergency exit lighting above the door entrance door inside the escape room (these lights must activate in an emergency and must have a manual override)
  • fire extinguishers placed every 75 feet
  • all fabrics must be fire-resistant or sprayed with fire retardant
  • all paints must be fire-resistant or a fire retardant must be added before application
  • all staff and employees must undergo yearly emergency/fire safety training

To see which amusements/attractions are registered around you (including us and any other escape rooms), go to http://www.ridesafe.pa.gov/, check to accept, click “Continue,” click “Search by Town, City, or Location,” enter in the location you’re looking for and click “Search.”

For more information, please check out the PA Department of Agriculture’s website: https://www.agriculture.pa.gov/.

How early should I arrive for my game?2022-12-08T13:13:55-05:00

Please plan to arrive at the start time of your reservation for check-in.

How much do your games cost?2023-07-15T23:30:27-04:00

Games are $35.99 per person plus tax.

How do I pay?2022-12-08T13:13:55-05:00

All games are paid online at the time of booking.

My friends and family are joining, how can they pay for the same game?2023-05-19T20:21:58-04:00

Please give us a call at (610) 265-3915 if your group is paying separately. We can split the payments into different cards over the phone.

If you prefer, we can add additional people when you arrive for your reservation and take different cards in person. Since we are only private games, you can add additional people to your group up until you enter the game (up to the maximum allowed in each game).

How do I use my gift card(s)?2023-04-29T23:03:19-04:00

Your gift card will be used to book your adventure, so make sure it’s handy when you make your reservation.

  • Select your game, date, and time. Each gift card has a unique (typically 16-digit) code.
  • On the payment page, click “Apply a gift card” and enter your gift card code.
  • Multiple gift cards can be applied to one reservation and if you don’t fully use the gift card, the remaining balance can be used another time.

If you are having any problems using your gift card(s), please call us at (610) 265-3915 and a team member will be happy to assist you!

What is your cancellation policy?2023-04-29T23:07:17-04:00

We understand that plans change, so reservations can be canceled up to 24 hours before the start time of your original reservation for a full refund!

Within 24 hours of the start time of your original reservation, the game is non-refundable and there is a $25 staff fee to reschedule to a new date and/or time per game.

Can I reschedule?2023-04-29T23:07:41-04:00

We can reschedule games up to 24 hours before the start time of your original reservation.

Within 24 hours of the start time of your original reservation, there is a $25 staff fee to reschedule to a new date and/or time per game.

Do you have parking?2022-12-08T13:13:54-05:00

Yes, free parking is available at our location. Follow our Expedition Escape directional signs around the building to the back. Our entrance is down the stairs underneath our Expedition Escape sign.

Is there an age limit?2023-04-29T23:00:39-04:00

Anyone entering the game is required to be paid for.

All of our games are designed with adults in mind. However, we do not have an age limit, but please be aware that many puzzles may be difficult for children. A paying adult, 18 or older, must participate with anyone that is under 18. No exceptions.

A valid photo ID may be requested at the time of check-in.

Can I bring my small child with me?2024-04-18T13:50:17-04:00

Anyone entering the game is required to be paid for.

We suggest leaving very young children at home or with a sitter as this environment is not designed or catered for them and their safety.

Our games can involve flashing lights, lasers, fog, crawling, and moving assemblies that can be very surprising for some. Please take these into consideration for those who have a pacemaker, severe heart conditions, epilepsy, claustrophobia, are pregnant, or have a physical disability that may not allow you to have the full experience. We take the safety of our players very seriously. Expedition Escape and staff reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Can you accommodate large parties or corporate events?2023-05-19T20:22:36-04:00

Absolutely! We have a full-time team dedicated to helping coordinate all of the details for you. You can reach our Events Team by calling (610) 265-3915 or by emailing Events@ExpeditionEscape.com.

Are your games wheelchair accessible?2023-05-19T20:23:05-04:00

Yes, the majority of our games are wheelchair accessible or have a workaround.

Please give us a call at (610) 265-3915 and we will help you select the best game room for your team.

Can we bring food or drinks into the game?2022-12-08T13:13:54-05:00

We ask that no food or drink is taken into the game rooms. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on our premises.

What is Expedition Escape King of Prussia?2023-05-19T20:24:21-04:00

Expedition Escape King of Prussia is the premier provider of escape rooms in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our adventures bring epic stories to life in a one-of-a-kind tactile experience. Enter one of our immersive worlds and recover your inheritance, find the moonshine, or prove you’re the true heir to the throne. Your team will have one hour to complete your mission and escape. Be the hero and be home in time for dinner.

For more information, check out our blogpost.

It’s my first escape room. Any advice?2023-05-19T20:24:56-04:00

Check out our blogpost for a few tips and guidelines for our first-time escapees!

How can I work at Expedition Escape?2023-05-19T20:25:49-04:00

Please visit ExpeditionEscape.com/Work-With-Us to view all available positions.

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