Quest for the Throne Escape Room Game – King of Prussia, PA

60 Minutes to

Take Back Your Throne

You are the eldest sibling born into a Royal family. It was your birthright to inherit the throne upon the King’s death, but an evil secret plan executed by your younger brother and some corrupt castle guards has left you exiled from the kingdom. The corrupt guards were given strict orders to capture you if you ever returned to the castle.

When the King and Queen died, your tyrannical brother ran the kingdom into despair. Disgusted by the decline of a once prosperous and peaceful land, you decide to risk your life to set things right.

Disguised as a pauper, you’ve managed to make it back to the castle undetected, and with your knowledge of the secret passages in the castle, you’ve made it into the King’s Study. The castle guards are escorting your brother to a feast and they’ll be back within the hour!

Can you prove that you’re the true heir to the throne?


You’ll never be with any strangers!

Minimum Number of Players: 2
Recommended Number of Players: 4 to 6
Maximum Number of Players: 10

Our recommend number of players is for those that have experience with escape rooms.

On Saturdays and busy Holidays, we have a minimum number of 4 players.

This is a combination of a N.E.R.D (New Escape Room Designs) designed game (with parts of it that could be located in different areas) and an in house designed game by the owners, Marisa and Skylar, of Expedition Escape!