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The List is located at our Expedition Escape Room Montgomeryville Location.
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You’ll never be with any strangers!


Oh no! You found out Santa has added your name to his Naughty List. You need to get your hands on that list before it’s too late.

You’ve made your way to the North Pole and snuck into Santa’s workshop while the elves are on their daily cookies and milk break. You have 60 minutes to find the list and escape before the elves come back.

Can you make it through Santa’s workshop to find The List before Christmas is ruined?


*This room requires some physical activity that may not be suitable for some participants. There is a way to bypass this part while still getting the full experience but please let your Expedition Guide know you’ll need to bypass it when you arrive for your reservation.*


Minimum Number of Players: 2

Recommended Number of Players: 6 to 8

Maximum Number of Players: 10

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Helpful Hints

Teamwork Needed
Observation Skills
Great First Room

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We had a great time!! Our first escape room and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. Aunt Edna’s condo was a good one to start with and our guide Natalee was very helpful with clues along the way. We wouldn’t have made it as far without her!!
Elexis, Google
We had such a fun time trying to find Aunt Edna's inheritance at Expedition Escape! It was my first time doing an escape room and I really was impressed with all the fun details that went into it. Our guide Bumper was helpful and fun. Will definitely be back.
Denise, Google

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They came and played The List!

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