Bank Heist & Houdini’s Last Mystery – It is really up to you! You can have one person share their screen if you’d like or everyone can have it up on their own screen. If you plan on playing Bank Heist or Houdini’s Last Mystery, we recommend that one person share their screen since everyone will be working on the same puzzle. Then this person would enter the codes/answers into the lock to unlock the next puzzle. We have had groups have every person bring it up on their own computers, which is fine because some people want to see the puzzles up close on their own screen, but the game does not link up so once you figure out an answer, everyone that has it on their own screen will need to enter in the answer to move on to the next puzzle. Again, it is really up to you and how you want to play!

T.R.A.P.T. – For T.R.A.P.T., we recommend everyone have it up on their own screen since different puzzles can be worked on at different times. That way everyone can work on something that interests them!