How You Can Help All Local Small Businesses 

As of right now, many of us are uncertain of what the future holds. Not only are small business owners worried about the future of their establishments, but the servers, bartenders, cooks and retail employees are also worried about how they will pay bills for the next few weeks.
Many of the businesses you love and patronize on a daily or monthly basis may no longer be around once everything returns to normal.

There are many ways you can go about supporting local businesses during this time.

1) Purchase a Gift Card:

Buying a gift card now will help a small business pay their rent this month or help pay their employees that may rely on this job. Save the gift card for later to treat yourself in the future. We’re having a sale on gift cards right now. Use coupon code COVID for 19% off*! P.S. Our gift cards never expire!


2) Leave a Review:

You can help small businesses once things have settled by leaving thema review. Think back on some places you’ve visited and review them! Reviews always help future customers to decide on patronizing a business. This can help small businesses get a head start once everything returns to normal. You can easily review our King of Prussia location or our Montgomeryville location right on our Google pages!


3) Stay Engaged:

While we’re all bored out of our minds at home, why not engage with your favorite business online? Follow their Facebook and Instagram pages. Like their posts or comment on them. Engagement of any kind can really help their pages be seen. Check out our Facebook (KOP & 309) and Instagram (KOP & 309) pages! We’re trying to entertain everyone while we’re away.

During our shutdown we’ll be offering a discount on all of our gift cards that can be used at any time in the future! Enter coupon code COVID for 19% off all gift cards! Help support our small business so we can be here for you when everything returns to normal.

King of Prussia Escape Room Gift Cards

King Of Prussia Escape Room Gift Cards
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Montgomeryville Escape Room Gift Cards
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