No! You are never actually locked into any of our escape rooms. The doors are held with strong, magnetic locks which would release automatically if the power went out. You can exit the game at any time or in the case of an emergency by simply pressing the green “Push to Exit” button located by the entrance door in each room (don’t worry, we’ll point it out when you get inside). That’s not the way you win though! While you could just simply push the button and leave the room, that won’t stop your timer, you’ll need to progress through the game and meet the goal!

Expedition Escape, and owners, Marisa and Skylar, care about our players and their safety. In light of the tragic incident that happened in Poland, we felt the need to make sure that you know you are always safe, never locked in, and can exit the room at any time you wish.

In the state of Pennsylvania, the PA Department of Agriculture (PDA) oversees any and all amusement rides and attractions (which includes escape rooms). Every day that we are in operation, a daily inspection is performed that is recorded and kept for our records. Twice a year, an inspector from the PDA comes out to ensure everything is up to code.

Some of the laws escape rooms must follow include (but are not limited to):

  • escape room doors must have a one motion exit (like a push to exit button where the door swings open) or cannot be locked at all
  • sprinklers in every room that must be placed correctly for full coverage
  • an emergency exit plan must be posted within each escape room detailing a route to exit the building
  • emergency exit lighting above the door entrance door inside the escape room (these lights must activate in an emergency and must have a manual override)
  • fire extinguishers placed every 75 feet
  • all fabrics must be fire-resistant or sprayed with fire retardant
  • all paints must be fire-resistant or a fire retardant must be added before application
  • all staff and employees must undergo yearly emergency/fire safety training

To see which amusements/attractions are registered around you (including us and any other escape rooms), go to, check to accept, click “Continue,” click “Search by Town, City, or Location,” enter in the location you’re looking for and click “Search.”

For more information, please check out the PA Department of Agriculture’s website: