Lucky Dice Diner Escape Room Game – King of Prussia, PA

Lucky Dice Diner is located at our Expedition Escape Room King of Prussia Location.
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You’ll never be with any strangers!


You and your fellow co-workers are getting ready to tune into the annual Route 66 Cross Country Race that your boss, Johnny, is competing in.

Suddenly, the phone rings and it’s a frantic Johnny telling you he forgot his lucky dice somewhere in the diner.

Now it’s up to you and your co-workers to search the diner and find Johnny’s dice before the race starts!

Can you find Johnny’s lucky dice before the race starts?


Minimum Number of Players: 2

Recommended Number of Players: 5 to 7

Maximum Number of Players: 10

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Helpful Hints

Teamwork Needed
Observation Skills

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This game was completely designed in house by the owners, Marisa and Skylar, of Expedition Escape!