Our rooms tend to be on the harder side with the intent that we’ll help you with as many clues as you need. We just want everyone to have a great time no matter how much help they may need (and trust us, it’s okay, there are puzzles that some groups get and other groups just don’t understand it). This allows us to have rooms that can be enjoyed by both first-timers and seasoned groups. If we have a group of first-timers, we’ll just help them out by providing more clues. On the other hand, if there’s a group of seasoned escapees, we’ll let them play through the room and not provide as many clues. Essentially, we can adjust the difficulty based on how many clues we give.

We actually don’t have difficulty levels for our games, they are all about the same. We do provide some helpful hints for each game though! Click on each game below to see their hints!










Still not sure which of our awesome escape rooms you should try out? No problem! Send an email or give us a call! Let us know some important information like, if you’ve ever done an escape room before, if people in your group have ever done an escape room before, your age group, and even your skill sets if you want. We’ll happily recommend one of our rooms for you!