We are the only escape room in the area that is only private reservations with only a 2 person minimum! This means you’ll never be with any strangers or people you don’t know. Other companies are public reservations so if a room can hold up to 10 people and you reserve 4 spots for example, the remaining 6 spots will stay open online for other players to reserve.

Since we are only private rooms, there must be a minimum of 2 players or $65.98 ($32.99 per person plus taxes & fees). If you have less than that (only 1 person), that’s okay you can still play, you just have to reserve the minimum of 2 for $65.98 knowing that it will be just your group in the room. You can then add additional people for $32.99 each (plus taxes & fees) up to the maximum number that room can hold.

All reservations and payments can be done online through our websiteMake a Reservation!