Put lots of thought into your game/puzzles. The puzzle stream must follow your back story (story line) and make sense. Puzzles can be linear (must do one puzzle that leads to the next, that leads to the next and so on) or non-linear (different puzzle streams that can occur at the same time but must come back together by the end of the game).

Helpful Tips and Pointers:

  • A one (1) hour escape room (60 minutes) has between 12 – 15 puzzles.
  • The first few puzzles tend to be very simple and easy to get players started and want to continue with the game.
  • There are two main types of games:
    • Linear – one puzzle leads to another puzzle which leads to the next and so on
    • Non-Linear – multiple puzzles can be solved at any time, but must come together eventually to continue on

Example: 1) players find a key 2)

*this is a very simple example and should not be used