Good question! Expedition Escape is different for quite a few reasons:

Private Rooms: We are the only escape room in the area that has all private reservations with only a 2 person minimum! This means you’ll never be in a room with people you don’t know. Other companies are public reservations, so if a room can hold up to 10 people and you reserve 4 spots, for example, the remaining 6 spots stay open online for other players to reserve. The way we stay private is we require a minimum of 2 players (even if you don’t have 2, you can always come with only 1, but must reserve for 2 knowing that it will be just your group in the room). Plus, since the room is yours, you can always add additional people later on! Make your private reservation today!

One to One Ratio: Our Expedition Guides are trained to ensure you have the best experience possible with us. That’s why our guides are dedicated to watching your adventure the entire time you’re playing. Other companies tend to have one person watching multiple rooms at a time and, unfortunately, they just can’t provide the attention that your group needs in the room (trust us, we’ve experienced this first hand).

Dedicated Owners: Marisa and Skylar are dedicated to providing the best experience possible. We make sure that our puzzles truly make you think and that our rooms feel like you’ve stepped into another world. We’ve now completed over 700 individual escape rooms. We’re constantly looking at where the industry is headed and how we need to keep up. We continually push ourselves to design better rooms with each room we create.