things to do plymouth meeting paLooking for something fun to do? You’re in luck – our escape rooms are the thing to do Plymouth Meeting, PA residents love.

When you enter one of our escape rooms, you get to assume the role of detective on a mission. For example, in the room Aunt Edna’s Condo at our King of Prussia location, you’ll pretend to be the favorite niece or nephew of your Aunt Edna, and your goal will be to uncover the inheritance she’s hidden somewhere in her condo.

Plus, no matter which of our escape rooms you select, there are a number of cognitive benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Better mood and concentration – When you take on the escape room challenge, the creative tasks will put your brain in high gear, boosting your mood and concentration. This game isn’t just fun; it helps launch you into a state of high-level problem solving.
  • Expanded creativity – Another perk of playing escape games is they’ll boost your creative thinking. Our rooms will put your imagination to the test by forcing you to think outside of the box, search for clues, pay close attention to details and/or analyze hints. Also, having to think through various solutions to the puzzles you encounter will develop your creative thinking skills even more.
  • Enhanced memory – Whether you’re 17 or 70, chances are you could use at least a little bit of help in the memory department. Escape challenges are great for this, too! As you attempt to solve a room, you’ll give your short-term memory a workout since you’ll have to recall clues, objects and answers.

Can you believe that aside from being one of the most entertaining things to do in Plymouth Meeting, PA, coming to Expedition Escape also offers all of these benefits for your brain?! And the perks don’t even stop there! To read more about why this activity has become so popular in recent years, check out our post from last week. 

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Have you been feeling like you need some time off from the real world? Schedule a break by reserving one of our escape rooms for yourself and a group of friends! To do so, just use our online booking portal to select your desired location, room, date and time. We’re eager for you to find out why visiting Expedition Escape is one of the things to do Plymouth Meeting, PA adventure seekers love!