Norristown PA things to doNow that it officially feels like summer here in the Greater Philadelphia area, chances are you’re scouting out fun activities. So what are your options? Well, you could go to the mall or the movies, but these activities get old fast. An exciting new way to escape the heat is to take on an escape room challenge!

Whether you’re looking for a team-building activity for your company, something to do on the weekend with friends or a venue for your next birthday party or baby shower, we’ve got an escape room for you! Our escape rooms in Montgomeryville and King of Prussia range from kid-friendly to intermediate to nearly impossible, meaning there’s something for beginners, advanced escapers and everyone in between. Here’s why visiting our venue is known as one of the things to do Norristown, PAresidents love:

  • It’s something different – In a society where we spend hours each day staring at screens, it’s important to get some time interacting with the real world. An escape room challenge lets you do just that! This exhilarating puzzle will tear you and your group members away from technology and bring you into a real-world adventure. We promise you’ll love the change of pace!
  • It encourages teamwork – Another perk of entering one of our escape rooms is you’ll grow closer to the people in your group, whether it’s friends, family or coworkers. That’s because you’ll have to collaborate with each other to figure out the puzzles and make it out of the room before the timer stops ticking!
  • It’s good for your brain – In an escape room, you get the chance to take on the role of detective. If you’ve ever dreamed of being Nancy Drew or Sherlock Holmes, here’s your opportunity! Beyond that, the challenge will build your problem-solving skills and bolster your creative thinking. It’s not just fun; it’s great exercise for your brain!

When it comes to things to do Norristown, PA, Expedition Escape is an engaging adventure that brings the whole group together. Do you dare enter?

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Ready to beat the heat in a place that inspires creativity, teamwork and fun? It’s time to book your adventure at Expedition Escape! To do so, your first order of business is to pick a room. For info about our various rooms, check out our recent blog post. Once you’ve selected a room, choose an available date and time by using our online booking feature.

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your room today so that you can try the thrilling Norristown, PA thing to do everyone’s been talking about!