Things To Do Lansdale PA

Have you heard about the hot new things to do Lansdale, PA residents and others across the country can’t get enough of? We’re talking about escape rooms, of course! These live-action puzzle rooms have gained major popularity for good reason – participating in one is an absolute blast and promotes teamwork among players. Not to mention it’s a workout for your brain!

So where did escape rooms originate? As it turns out, there are a few different forms of entertainment that have played a role in inspiring the concept of the modern escape room we know and love. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

  • Haunted houses – Most escape rooms aren’t quite as creepy as haunted houses – in fact, we here at Expedition Escape don’t put anything scary in our rooms to keep this Lansdale, PA activity family friendly. Still, escape rooms take a nod from haunted houses in that they provide a real-time, interactive environment designed to entertain. And for many haunted house goers, making a quick exit is as much of a priority as it is in an escape room!
  • Game shows – Have you heard of the popular UK game shows The Crystal Maze or The Adventure Game? These shows are both over 25 years old, but evidence of their influence can be seen in present-day escape rooms! On both game shows, teams were challenged to complete various tasks successfully in order to reach their end goal. This is similar to our escape rooms, which require groups to collect clues, solve riddles, and figure out combinations to get out within the time limit.
  • Video games – Video games are another type of entertainment that fueled the creation of physical escape rooms. Games from the early 2000s such as Crimson Room and MOTAS challenged players to escape a virtual room, thereby setting the stage for real-life escape rooms to emerge.

As you can see, escape rooms combine many different types of entertainment, allowing them to appeal to virtually everyone. No wonder they’re known as one of the things to do Lansdale, PA thrill seekers love!

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