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When it comes to exciting things to do Langhorne, PA groups of all types love, the escape rooms here at Expedition Escape are an undeniably awesome option! Still, we know that embarking on an escape adventure for the first time ever can be intimidating. After all, even our escape room experts were novices at one time!

In case fear of the unknown is holding you back from trying our escape rooms, here’s a quick preview of what you can anticipate from start to finish when you bring your crew to Expedition Escape:

  1. At our escape room venue, we require all groups to reserve online. On the day of your escape room reservation, it’s crucial for everyone on your team to arrive a bit early so that you can get checked in and take care of any business before your scheduled timeframe.
  2. Once your entire crew is present and ready to begin the challenge, you’ll be introduced to your Expedition Guide. After making sure everyone understands the rules of the game and answering any questions, this friendly individual will escort you to your room.
  3. When your group is all set for the journey, your Expedition Guide will start the timer and leave the room. However, he/she will be closely monitoring your crew’s progress via audio and video in case you need hints along the way. You can feel free to ask for clues at any time, but if you’re determined to solve the puzzle without help, just let your Expedition Guide know you don’t want any hints. Throughout the challenge, you’ll always be able to look at the timer to see how many minutes and seconds you have left to unlock the room’s solution.
  4. If at any time someone in your group is doing something dangerous or destructive, your Expedition Guide will give a warning sound and ask the player to refrain from the behavior. Please keep in mind that we reserve the right to remove your entire team from our venue without a refund if you can’t respect our rules.
  5. Once your group cracks the puzzle or time runs out, your Expedition Guide will gladly answer any questions and explain the rest of the room (if you didn’t solve it). We just ask that you don’t spoil the secrets of the challenge for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to try it yet!
  6. Finally, your crew will be guided back to our lobby to take some fun group photos with fitting props! We’re always open to any compliments or suggestions you may have about any part of your escape experience.

That’s all there is to our escape rooms, one of the things to do Langhorne, PA thrill enthusiasts rant and rave about! Still in need of a bit more reassurance that this activity is worth putting on your to-do list? Check out this review from a savvy escaper named Carly G.:

“We had a great experience here! The escape room was incredibly challenging but so much fun, more than I had originally anticipated. Our guide Ryan was super helpful, and we learned a lot about what goes into the escape rooms after we had finished. I would definitely recommend!”

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Now that you know all about what an Expedition Escape challenge entails, you’re officially ready to recruit your most cunning friends and come find out what makes our escape rooms things to do Langhorne, PA “kids” of all ages thoroughly enjoy!

So why wait any longer to make a reservation? Go choose a room, date and time using our online booking portal to secure your spot right now! We can’t wait for your crew to discover why our escape games are things to do Langhorne, PA residents rave about!