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Are you on a quest to find exhilarating things to do Conshohocken, PA families and corporate groups are sure to love? Your search is over now that you’ve stumbled upon Expedition Escape! Whether there’s a special event coming up in your family or your company is looking to bring its employees closer together, trying one of our fun and challenging escape rooms is the perfect activity. To successfully complete an escape room adventure, no special skills or supplies are required – all you need is a group of 2-10 people who are ready to think outside of the box and work together!

If you’ve never done an escape room before and you’re thinking of trying this fun thing to do in Conshohocken, PA, we have a few tips to make your first experience a great one:


  • Try to diversify your team – To give your group the best possible chance of escaping on time, you’ll want to choose players who vary in age and profession for your team. If you’re coming to us for a family event, bring both kids and adults – the kids can collect clues while the adults focus on solving complex riddles. And if you’re visiting with coworkers, combine people from different departments so that you have players who think and approach problems in different ways.


  • Don’t be afraid to be wrong – As a novice escaper, you may be a bit hesitant to speak up when you have a possible solution for fear of it being incorrect. But you absolutely shouldn’t be! Even if the way you’re putting clues together or solving a riddle isn’t quite right, sharing your ideas with your teammates is far more productive than just standing there. And who knows – your insight could be the secret to unlocking the whole mystery!


  • Immerse yourself in the experience – Going along with the last tip, we highly encourage you to put everything you’ve got into escaping the room. Just for one hour, leave your cell phone in the car, forget about the real world and focus on solving the room. We promise you’ll have a blast!


  • Don’t feel bad if you don’t win on your first tryPerhaps the most important thing to remember when embarking on an escape room adventure for the first time is that winning isn’t everything. Even if you don’t crack the mystery within the time limit, the experience will still be worth your while – it will expand your creativity and bring you closer to the people in your group. Plus, you can always come back and try the room again!

Interested in getting more insider tips and tricks to help you conquer our escape rooms? Head over to our website now! And for detailed descriptions of some of our most popular rooms, check out our recent blog post.

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