Things To Do In Collegeville, PA

Are you seeking indoor things to do in Collegeville, PA that will help you beat the cold weather blues? Trying one of Expedition Escape’s fun and mentally stimulating escape rooms is the perfect activity for a chilly winter day! When you enter our venue, you’ll be able to escape the elements and forget about the stress of the holidays for a little while. Not to mention you’ll have a wonderful time trying to figure out the mystery at hand with the other people who you choose to be on your team! These can be coworkers, friends or family – whoever you’d like to experience an escape room adventure with.

Wondering what types of rooms you’ll have to pick from when you come to Expedition Escape, one of the most exciting things to do in Collegeville, PA? Here’s a sneak peek into our thrilling options for escape room newbies:

  • The List – In this holiday-themed room, you’ve just discovered that you’ve landed yourself on Santa’s Naughty List this year. Fortunately, you were able to travel to the North Pole just in time to erase your name from the list. The elves are about to go on an hour-long break for milk and cookies, so now is your chance to do so! This Christmas-y room is great for beginners and groups with younger kids, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy – you’ll have to be clever and quick in order to reclaim your spot on Santa’s Nice List!
  • Aunt Edna’s Condo – After her husband passed away, your Aunt Edna was moved from her condo into a nursing home. She has asked you, her favorite relative, to visit her condo and gather some of her belongings. While you’re here, you decide to search for the inheritance that you know your Aunt Edna has carefully hidden somewhere in the condo. Can you find the fortune several of your relatives have failed to uncover before time runs out? This challenge will truly put your detective skills to the test! However, it’s just the right difficulty level for first-time escapers and families – not too challenging yet not too simple.

Interested in reading about our entire range of escape room offerings? Head over to our website for the full list.

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Are you ready to visit Expedition Escape to try one of the most unique and exhilarating things to do in Collegeville, PA? Reserve one of our rooms for a frigid winter day when you want to escape the cold! Our normal hours will change a bit over Christmas and New Year’s, so just be sure to take note of our holiday hours when making your reservation. We can’t wait for your group to discover why our escape rooms are known as awesome things to do in Collegeville, PA!