Things To Do Devon, PA

Are you seeking things to do Devon, PA residents recommend to their families, friends and co-workers? Expedition Escape is #1 on the list! No matter who is in your group, taking a trip to our escape room venue is sure to be a blast for all. It’s a great activity for a party, group outing, team-building adventure or family bonding time. Here’s why:

  • The challenge is accessible to people of all ages and abilities – The beautiful thing about escape rooms is there’s one for every age group and skill level. In many cases, youngsters and adults can even work together to unlock a room. The kids can focus on finding the clues while the adults solve the puzzles, making for an unbeatable team! Or a group of adults can take on the most challenging room in our arsenal for an extra difficult escape.
  • It’s a great option for people who have never met – If you’re worried about your birthday party being awkward because some guests don’t know each other, Expedition Escape is the perfect thing to do in Devon, PA! Since our escape rooms require teamwork and conversation, your previously unacquainted guests will be getting along like old friends by the end of the challenge.
  • It makes an awesome surprise – Know someone who loves adventure? A surprise outing to Expedition Escape might just make their year! To extend the party, you can rent out our private room for an hour before or after your escape challenge.

Need a bit more convincing that a visit to Expedition Escape is the perfect way to spend your recreation time? Check out this review from an escaper who recently chose Expedition Escape for a birthday celebration destination and absolutely loved it!:

“My friends and I went to Expedition Escape to celebrate a 50th birthday. We were going to dinner afterwards and some of us didn’t know each other. I thought it would be a good ice breaker for the rest of the night. I was right. The experience was so wonderful and Ella was our guide and couldn’t have been nicer to us. We will definitely go again.”

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Quick! Reserve your room at Expedition Escape now to make sure you get to try one of the things to do Devon, PA citizens are ranting and raving about! And if this will be your first time visiting us, check out last week’s post for some helpful room recommendations. We look forward to putting your problem-solving skills to the test!