Things To Do Bryn Mawr, PA

Searching for engaging, family-friendly things to do Bryn Mawr, PA residents love? A trip to Expedition Escape is just what you need! Whether you’re trying to beat the rainy day blues or you have an occasion to celebrate with family and friends, our escape room venue is the perfect place to do it.

Are you new to escape room adventures? Don’t stress – you don’t need to be a professional detective to solve one of the rooms at Expedition Escape. With that being said, our escape challenges require quick and clever thinking, so it definitely helps to have a strategy. Here are some pointers that will help your group get out before time runs out:

  • Start by splitting up – You’ve just entered the escape room and the timer is ticking. Now what? A good first move is to have each group member scour a different part of the room for clues. Using this method will ensure that every area of the room gets equal attention. Once the whole room has been thoroughly searched, you can rejoin and try to decipher the clues you’ve collected as a team!
  • Know where NOT to look for clues – For the safety of our players and our venue, our escape room designers never hide clues in the floors, walls, electrical outlets or ceilings of our rooms. So when you’re on the hunt for important pieces of the mystery, you can totally disregard these areas.
  • Stay organized – In order to maximize your chances of escaping on time, you’ll want to place like objects together. For instance, make a pile for unused keys and put any clues that you think may be related in the same area. Once you’ve used a clue, place it in a separate “used” pile. Just remember that there is a chance it will be needed again!
  • Call on other team members for help – If you’ve been working on a puzzle for more than a few minutes with no success, ask another person in your group to take a look at it. If a few different people can’t figure it out, it’s a good indicator that you’ve missed a key clue or it’s time for a hint from your escape adventure leader!

Now that you’ve read these tips, you’re ready to take on one of the most action-packed things to do in Bryn Mawr, PA – Expedition Escape! For help with choosing your first room, check out our past post.

What Are Past Escapers Saying About Us?

Are you wondering what those who have tried our escape rooms have to say about the experience? Check out this review from an expert escaper named Gina: “After doing all of the possible escape rooms at Expedition Escape, I have nothing but amazing things to say about each of them! Not only are the rooms challenging yet fun and thought provoking, but the staff and atmosphere are nothing short of great! The staff is always friendly and willing to accommodate any needs. The rooms are well thought out and the handmade decorations and scenery set the perfect atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this escape company to anyone looking for an adventure!”

Time Is Almost Up – Book Now!

Do you have what it takes to conquer an escape room challenge? Book a room at our Montgomeryville or King of Prussia location to find out! And don’t delay – our rooms fill up fast! We can’t wait to show you why visiting Expedition Escape is one of the things to do Bryn Mawr, PA thrill seekers keep coming back to!