Things To Do Blue Bell PA

Are you looking for things to do in Blue Bell, PA that will allow you to become closer to your loved ones while having a ton of fun? You’re going to absolutely love the escape rooms at Expedition Escape! Voted as one of the best forms of amusement in Montgomery County, our action-filled escape rooms are sure to enthuse everyone in your group no matter how old they are.

Upon entering one of our expertly designed rooms, you and the rest of your crew will take on a thrilling challenge that will range from kid-friendly to nearly impossible for even the savviest adults depending on which room you pick. To solve the puzzle at hand within the time limit, you’ll have to band together with the other players in your group to gather clues, decode riddles and uncover the secrets to escaping the room.

Top-Rated Escape Rooms

Dying to know what themed escape rooms we’ve got at our King of Prussia and Montgomeryville locations? Here’s a special sneak peek into some of our favorites:

  • The Candy Shop (Montgomeryville) – In this room, your group will assume the role of cousins who’ve just inherited their grandfather’s candy shop. To continue your grandpa’s business, you’ll need to find all the pieces of his secret chocolate recipe, which are hidden throughout the candy shop. If you can do so before time is up, you’ll be able to keep the candy shop in operation and carry on your grandpa’s legacy. If not, the bank will repossess the shop and the beloved recipe will be gone forever!
  • Baker Street Mystery (KOP) – This classic murder mystery room challenges you to collect and put together clues in order to discover the identity of the Baker Street Five gang’s leader so the police can arrest him for murder. Can your group catch this career criminal before he flees the country?
  • Quest for the Throne (KOP) – When you enter this room, you’ll play the part of a royal elder sibling who was next in line to inherit the throne until your wicked younger brother stole it from you and exiled you from the kingdom. To find proof of your birthright and take back what is rightfully yours, you’ll need to sneak into the castle very carefully without being caught by the castle guards. Otherwise, your tyrannical brother will continue to rule unjustly!

With exhilarating, detailed rooms like these, it’s no wonder why coming to Expedition Escape for a weekend adventure is known as one of the things to do Blue Bell, PA residents never get tired of!

Feeling Daring? Book One of Our Escape Rooms!

If you’re ready for a mind-bending challenge, don’t delay – reserve an Expedition Escape room for you and your favorite thrill seekers before we get booked up! Saving your spot couldn’t be easier – simply use our online booking feature to select one of our available rooms, dates and times and you’ll be good to go.

Want some insider tips on getting the most out of your first escape room experience? Be sure to check out our recent blog post. We can’t wait for your group to see why visiting Expedition Escape tops the list of things to do Blue Bell, PA adventure lovers can’t stop talking about!