Things To Do Ambler PA

Are you on the hunt for things to do Ambler, PA residents choose when they want to escape the real world for a little while? It’s time to take a trip to Expedition Escape, an escape room venue that’s perfect for all occasions – parties, corporate team-building events, casual group hangouts, and more!

At our two locations in Montgomeryville and King of Prussia, we have a wide range of rooms to ensure that any group can have a thrilling experience. Whether you and your crew are newbies or have been doing escape rooms for years (or you have a mix of both kinds of players), we’ve got something you will love! Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to select the perfect escape room for your first visit to Expedition Escape:

  • How many people are in your group? Your escape room options will depend heavily on how many players you’ve recruited. We believe that escaping a room should be a group activity, so the minimum number of people for all of our rooms is two. At the same time, space in our rooms isn’t unlimited, so we’ve also set maximums for each one. If you have a group of 2-10 players, a room such as Aunt Edna’s Condo or The Candy Shop will work well. But if you’re bringing a large crew of up to 60 people, you’ll want to rent out our entire venue for the Ultimate Adventure to ensure that everyone gets to take part in the fun.
  • Who is in your group? While all of our escape rooms are family-friendly things to do in Ambler, PA, some are simply too difficult for groups that consist mostly of children. Therefore, it’s important to consider the ratio of young people to adults in your group when planning your escape escapade. If your group is predominantly made up of children, it’s best to choose one of our simpler rooms, such as Lost Teddy or The List. If you’ve got more adults or an equal mix of youngsters and adults, you can consider trying a more difficult room such as Quest for the Throne.
  • What types of puzzles interest your group members? Another factor you’ll want to think about when picking a room is what sorts of mysteries your players enjoy. We’ve got a little bit of everything, from a murder mystery to a safe cracking challenge to a search for an antidote to a deadly virus. All of our rooms have highly exciting premises, but one may be especially interesting to your group!

Now that you’ve put some thought into which Expedition Escape room will work best for your group, you’re ready to try this exhilarating thing to do in Ambler, PA!

Reserve Now…If You Dare!

Are you ready to find out if your group is clever enough to solve one of our action-packed escape rooms? Our rooms are filling up fast, so book yours now before it’s too late! To do so, there’s no puzzle involved – all you have to do is select your desired date, time, and escape room on our website. We can’t wait for you to experience one of the things to do Ambler, PA thrill seekers can’t stop talking about!