Team Building Treasure Hunt

Is your team or corporate group looking for a fun and engaging activity that will bring your members closer together? Join us at Expedition Escape for a team building treasure hunt in one of our exhilarating escape rooms! You can choose from a total of nine different themed rooms at our two locations in Montgomeryville and King of Prussia. Each room is carefully crafted by our team of clever escape room designers to put your critical thinking and problem solving skills to the test.

Whether you and your team members are practiced escape room artists or you’re just starting out, we’ve got a room that will suit your experience level perfectly. Here are a few examples of rooms you may want to select for your team building treasure hunt:

  • Aunt Edna’s Condo – Your entire family knows that your Aunt Edna’s inheritance is carefully concealed somewhere in her condo, but no one has been able to find it yet. She’s given you, her favorite relative, access to the condo so you can collect some items and bring them to her nursing home, so now is your chance to search for the cash. You’ll have to be cunning and quick to solve this beginner’s challenge, which is ideal for teams made up of escape room newbies.
  • The Candy Shop – In this team building treasure hunt, you have inherited your grandfather’s successful candy store, which is known for its special chocolate. But there’s a problem – your grandpa hid his secret chocolate recipe somewhere in the shop before he passed away. To carry on his legacy, you’ll need to find that recipe before the bank closes the shop! This room is great for intermediate players who have some experience with escape rooms or want an extra difficult challenge.
  • Quarantine Lab A & B – You and your teammates have managed to survive an outbreak of a highly contagious fatal virus called Apocu-enza. However, the virus will get to you soon if you don’t act fast. Luckily, you work at the same lab as a scientist who has developed a cure. The only problem is that the scientist has fallen ill from the virus and is too sick to tell you where the antidote is hidden. Your team will need to work together to find the life-saving medicine before it’s too late! We only recommend this adventure for groups of expert escapers who have completed several rooms in the past. If you’re up for the challenge, you can book both Lab A & Lab B and have two groups race each other, or you can just choose one of the two rooms – both are exactly the same.

Want to see the full list of room options for your team building treasure hunt? Head over to our website to view all of our King of Prussia rooms and Montgomeryville rooms!

It’s Time to Book Your Team Building Treasure Hunt!

Are you ready for a unique, heart-pounding team building event? Reserve a room at Expedition Escape today through our user-friendly online booking portal! And if you’d like to learn about why we’re known for offering the best games in Philadelphia, check out our blog post from last week. We can’t wait to offer your group an unforgettable adventure!