Team Building Bucks County, PA

Is your organization looking to bring its employees or members closer together? Look no further than Expedition Escape for team building Bucks County, PA groups can count on to increase member cohesion! Here’s what makes our escape room venue the perfect destination for your team building outing:

  • Our rooms require teamwork – Each of our escape rooms is designed to encourage players to draw on their own individual skills while also counting on the strengths of other players. By navigating our puzzles, your team members will get to know more about each other and form closer relationships, thereby improving how they work together once the challenge is over.
  • We give managers/organizers the choice to play or observe – As the leader of your group, perhaps you’ll want to watch how your employees interact from outside the room or maybe you’ll choose to join in on the team building excitement. Either way, we’ll be happy to have you!
  • We can accommodate teams of all sizes – Here at Expedition Escape, we’ve hosted groups of anywhere from five to 105 people. So whether your organization is small or large, you can count on us to provide the space and activities needed to achieve real team building results! For larger groups, consider the Ultimate Adventure, a challenge that lets you rent out our entire venue in either King of Prussia or Montgomeryville.

Wondering what groups who have tried this activity for team building in Bucks County, PA have to say about it? Here’s what the folks at Graham Media Partners wrote about their team building experience in our Bank Heist room:

“It was a true team effort. Five members of the GMP team participated, and we all had a role in solving the different puzzles. Each one required a different way of thinking, so while four of us may have been convinced of a particular solution, one person approached the problem differently and got us to the next clue. Other times, we were all actively participating to complete a puzzle as quickly as possible – the more eyes the better. Rarely was there a moment when we weren’t all involved in the process.

It was so much fun! And we were shocked to find out that only 15 percent of the teams escape from that room. We attribute our success to our teamwork. We listened to each other, we helped each other, and we used our unique skill sets.”

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Is your group ready to have a ton of fun and enjoy the team building benefits of participating in an escape room adventure? It’s time to reserve your room at Expedition Escape through our online booking portal! And if you’d like to learn more about what sets our venue apart from others in the area, check out our recent blog post. We look forward to showing you why we’re known as the top destination for team building Bucks County, PA organizations can rely on for great results!