Main Line Birthday Parties

Tired of holding your Main Line birthday parties at home or at the same old unimaginative venues?

Sounds like you need to check out Expedition Escape! At our two locations in King of Prussia and Montgomeryville, we have a wide range of live-action escape rooms guaranteed to thrill birthday party guests of all ages. Whether you’re celebrating with youngsters, grown-ups or a mix of the two, your group will have a blast trying to solve a mystery and “escape” from the room before time is up.

So which escape room should you choose for your Main Line birthday party, you ask? That all depends on who is in your group and how many of you there are! For groups of ten or fewer players, you’ll want to select one of our traditional rooms (Aunt Edna’s Condo, Baker Street Mystery, The List, Quarantine, etc.) The difficulty level and escape rate for each room is listed on our website, so just take a gander at the descriptions to decide which one will best suit your crew. Keep in mind that some rooms are easier to solve than others and most of them have a time limit of one hour!

If you’re looking to invite more than a handful of people to your birthday party, the Ultimate Adventure is the way to go. This special offering allows you to have up to 40 guests come to our venue for an exhilarating two-hour adventure. First, your guests will enjoy participating in one of four escape rooms, and then you’ll all come together for an hour of celebration (birthday cake, conversation and whatever else you’d like!) in our fun multipurpose room. For private, unbeatable birthday parties on the Main Line, Expedition Escape’s Ultimate Adventure is a winner!

Make Us Your Choice for Main Line Birthday Parties!

Are you ready to try something new and different for your next Main Line birthday celebration? Reserve your spot at Expedition Escape today by visiting us on the web! And if you’d like to learn more about our various escape rooms and how to pick the right one for your action-packed birthday parties on the Main Line, check out our post from last week. We can’t wait to show you why we’re known as the venue for birthday parties Main Line groups of all ages and skills levels will want to keep visiting!