Halloween Activities Montgomery County, PA

The end of October is drawing near. Are you looking to fill your schedule with Halloween activities Montgomery County, PA excitement seekers can’t get enough of? Don’t limit yourself to run-of-the-mill haunted houses and corn mazes – come to Expedition Escape for a unique Halloween thrill! Here’s why a visit to our escape room venue is the perfect activity for this spooky time of year:

  • Escaping the room is a highly engaging experience – While most Halloween attractions simply involve walking through them, our escape rooms put you and your teammates at the center of the action. You’ll be tasked with locating the clues hidden in the room and solving puzzles before time runs out in order to get to the bottom of the mystery. This high level of interaction makes our escape rooms one of the Halloween activities Montgomery County, PA residents choose when they want to have a blast!
  • Dressing up is encouraged – Looking for a chance to show off your creative Halloween costume? We’ve got the perfect opportunity – we’re holding our 2nd Annual Costume Contest from October 25th – 29th, 2017. If you come dressed in a costume for your escape room reservation between those dates, you’ll have a chance to win a free game for next time! Any costume is fair game, but you’ll get extra points for wearing a costume that relates to your room’s theme!
  • We’ll help you get into the Halloween spirit – Halloween is all about pretending to be someone else for a day, and our escape rooms allow you to do just that! You might play the role of a detective, a rightful heir to the throne, a survivor of a pandemic or someone else – it all depends on the room that you select. Aside from allowing you to assume the role of another person, we’ll also fulfill another key part of Halloween while you’re at Expedition Escape – the candy! We’ll be handing out sweet treats (plus a small discount for your next visit) to players during our Halloween week.

When it comes to heart-pounding Halloween experiences that are still family friendly, Expedition Escape is first on the list of Montgomery County activities.

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