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Have you searched far and wide for group activities Philadelphia adventure lovers can’t say enough good things about? Your quest has come to an end now that you’ve landed on Expedition Escape! Voted as the best escape room Philadelphia residents have tried in the area, our venue offers escape challenges for both newbies and seasoned escapers. Plus, we can accommodate groups of anywhere from two to 60 people. Here are a few suggestions for your team:

  • The List – In this beginner’s escape room, you’ve just discovered that your name is on Santa’s Naughty List. Fortunately, you’ve made it to his workshop just in time to locate The List and take your name off of it while the elves are on break. You’ll have to be clever and quick in order to save Christmas!
  • Quest for the Throne – A top pick for group activities Philadelphia residents of all ages will enjoy, this intermediate KOP escape room places you in the role of the oldest sibling in a royal family. After your father (the King) died, it was your right to assume the throne, but your malicious younger brother banded together with some underhanded castle guards to have you exiled instead. Determined to take what is rightfully yours, you have snuck into the kingdom in search of proof of your birthright. Can you find the document and escape before you are caught?
  • The Ultimate Adventure (Montgomeryville) – Looking for group activities Philadelphia crews choose when they have a large number of people? Suitable for up to 60 guests, our Ultimate Adventure is the perfect endeavor! In this two-hour escape extravaganza, your group will split up into smaller teams and experience one of our six Montgomeryville escape rooms during the first hour. Then, you’ll regroup and enjoy conversation and fun in our multipurpose room during the second hour. We provide seating for 50, tables, a fridge and a microwave, so you can feel free to bring food and drinks of your choice.

No matter which escape voyage your group chooses, we guarantee that your outside-the-box thinking and teamwork skills will be put to the test in a big way!

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