Family Escape Room Langhorne

Summer is made for relaxing and spending time with your loved ones. But on rainy or especially steamy days, you don’t always want to do so outdoors. Sometimes, you want an indoor activity that the whole family will love. That’s where Expedition Escape comes in handy! Our family escape room Langhorne “kids” of all ages are wild about is the perfect place to gather and enjoy some summertime fun, particularly when the weather outside is less than ideal.

We have a location in Montgomeryville and one in King of Prussia, both of which offer a variety of thrilling escape games in an air-conditioned setting that allows you to escape the heat! If your family is new to escape challenges, we suggest starting with one of these rooms:

  • Aunt Edna’s Condo: Recommended for 2-6 players, this room is wonderful for newbies, smaller families and those with younger children. But don’t worry – it’s still difficult enough to make you think! When you take on this family escape room Langhorne residents are calling one of the best things to do in the area, you’ll enter the condo of your dear old Aunt Edna. As Edna’s favorite relative, you’ve been entrusted to bring a few of her prized possessions from her condo to the nursing home where she was recently moved. While you’re collecting them, you decide to try your hand at finding the inheritance rumored to be hidden somewhere in the condo. But in order to uncover the fortune, you’ll need to be savvy and quick, as the money is carefully concealed and you’ve got just 60 minutes to find it.
  • The List: This room is another great option for families that have never attempted an escape room before, especially those with younger members. We’ve found that 6-8 players is just the right number for this family escape room Langhorne thrill seekers love. In this challenge, you’ve discovered that you’ve landed on Santa’s Naughty List. Determined to get your name removed, you’ve managed to travel to the North Pole and sneak into Santa’s workshop. Now, all you need to do is find the list, take your name off and escape undetected. You have 60 minutes to do so while the elves are on break for milk and cookies. Think you can succeed? Come celebrate Christmas in July and find out!

Curious to know what someone who has tried a family escape room Langhorne kids and adults enjoy at Expedition Escape thought of the experience? Check out this review of Aunt Edna’s Condo from Josh H.: “My family and I worked our way through Aunt Edna’s Condo, and while we didn’t escape, it was a lot of fun for our very first escape room! Meghan was a fantastic guide, and very helpful and friendly. Could not have asked for a better experience. Looking forward to coming back.”

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