Event Venues Bucks County, PA

Are you searching for event venues Bucks County, PA residents choose when they want to have a unique, exhilarating experience with friends, family or coworkers? Expedition Escape is the perfect destination for all sorts of private gatherings! Made to suit adventure seekers of varying ages and skill levels, our thrilling escape rooms lend themselves well to all of the following types of events:

  • Parties – Celebrating a special occasion with your loved ones? Participating in one of our escape rooms is a super fun way to bring everyone together! And once the challenge is over, you can rent out our private room to continue enjoying each other’s company for an additional hour. If you’d like to have food and drinks while doing so, just bring them along!
  • Corporate Team Building Events – Have you been thinking about holding a team building event to increase cohesion among your employees? An escape room is one of the fastest and best ways to strengthen the bond of a corporate group! In just one short hour of solving puzzles, your group members will learn to rely on each other’s individual skills, allowing them to work better as a team.
  • Group Outings – If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to do with your sorority/fraternity, sports team or wedding party, Expedition Escape is the ideal choice! Choose any of our themed escape rooms, and we guarantee the challenge will engage players and give them a chance to get to know one another if they don’t already.

No matter what the nature of your event, the staff here at Expedition Escape will be happy to accommodate any specific needs you might have. Our goal is to do everything in our power to make sure everyone at your event has a fun and memorable experience! That’s yet another reason why we’re known as one of the event venues Bucks County, PA thrill seekers can depend on to throw them an amazing outing!

What Do Past Escapers Think About Our Events?

Eager to know what those who have come to Expedition Escape for events have to say about our venue? Here’s a review from Jocelyn, an escaper who recently visited us for a corporate team building event:

“My team did a team building event at Expedition Escape on Monday night. We had a phenomenal time! I was in one of the Quarantine rooms with Skylar as our guide, and he was awesome. We had enough clues, but not enough to give away the answers. When one of the locks failed (it happens, not a big deal), Skylar paused the clock and came in with the ‘master key’ – a bolt cutter. We had a wonderful time, and I will definitely be back with friends to try another room! Thanks for letting us rent out the facility on a night you’d otherwise not be open. Much appreciated!”

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Would you like to schedule an event at Expedition Escape? We’d love to have you! To save your spot at our King of Prussia or Montgomeryville location, simply use our online booking portal. And if you’d like to learn about why our escape rooms make great family activities, check out our blog post from last week. We look forward to showing you why we’re one of the event venues Bucks County, PA loves!