Expedition Escape will remain open with additional safety precautions.

Expedition Escape will continue to remain open to host our escape room events.

Can a business in the entertainment industry that may otherwise be closed host an event or gathering?

Yes, businesses may host events, but must follow all gathering limitations and restrictions imposed by the Time-Limited Targeted Mitigation Order and other relevant guidance.

What is an event or gathering?

The Limited-Time Mitigation Orders define an event or gathering is a temporary grouping of individuals for defined purposes, that takes place over a limited timeframe, such as hours or days. For example, events and gatherings include fairs, festivals, concerts, or shows and groupings that occur within larger, more permanent businesses, such as shows or performances within amusement parks, individual showings of movies on a single screen/auditorium within a multiplex, business meetings or conferences, or each party or reception within a multi-room venue.

What if I am hosting an event or gathering within my business?

While the Limited-Time Targeted Mitigation Orders are in effect, indoor gatherings of more than 10 persons are prohibited and outdoor gatherings of more than 50 persons are prohibited.  At the expiration of the Orders, the terms of the Mitigation, Enforcement and Liability Protections Orders will be reinstated. 

Under the Mitigation, Enforcement and Liability Protections Orders, gatherings and events such as meetings, wedding receptions, catered events, concerts, conferences, fairs, festivals, sporting events, performances, and similar events are subject to specific conditions. Specifically, facilities and venues must limit the total number of individuals gathering at one time for any discrete gathering or event within the facility or venue.

All facilities and venues must enforce physical distancing requirements, which may further limit occupancy.

Do the event limits apply to each room within a facility that is hosting an event, or to the space as a whole?

Facilities that host events are required to apply the gathering limits to each discreet event space. According to the Limited-Time Targeted Mitigation Orders, each indoor event may only have 10 attendees in each discreet event space.

Expedition Escape Rooms Is Open

We are adhering to mitigation guidelines for Pennsylvania including the following:

  1. All of our escape room events are private to each group and no more than 8 people are allowed per room.
  2. We require all guests to wear face coverings and maintain social distance from our Expedition Guides (staff members).
  3. We require all Expedition Guides (staff members) to wear face coverings and maintain social distance from our guests.
  4. We ask that guests wash their hands both before and after their escape room event. There is hand sanitizer available throughout the venue
  5. We disinfect between each and every escape room event as well as common areas like our lobbies and bathrooms.
  6. All escape room event reservations must be made on our website or by phone. We cannot accommodate walk-ins at this time.
  7. Once you arrive for your event, we require you to call us before you are able to enter our venue. This ensures that all previous events have left and that we have properly disinfected everything before your event enters.
  8. Our waivers are available in your confirmation email so you won’t need to touch screens or make contact with our team members during check-in. You can fill them out on any personal computer, smartphone, or tablet!

Our Safety Promise

Having the safest escape room entertainment experience anywhere is extremely important to us. Learn about the extra precautions we are taking to ensure that your adventure is as safe as possible
See Our Sanitation & Safety Policies