Escape Room Newtown, PA

When you have a group made up of individuals with a variety of interests and skills, it can be difficult to pinpoint an activity that everyone will find both fun and fulfilling. That’s where escape rooms come into play! This new and exciting thing to do is designed to thrill people of all ages and experience levels. Whether your crew consists of youngsters, grown-ups or a blend of the two, we’ve got a suitable challenge here at our escape room Newtown, PA residents keep coming back to! Some of the benefits that teams of all types can look forward to during an Expedition Escape adventure include:

  • Bonding time with team members – You may be surprised by how much you can learn about someone in just an hour when you’re united by the goal of succeeding in an escape challenge! Maybe you’ll discover that your sister is super skilled at solving riddles, or maybe your notoriously shy coworker will speak up and lead the team to victory. Whether you visit our venue with family members, friends or coworkers, we guarantee that the experience will allow your crew to create lasting memories and get to know one another on a completely new level!
  • An adrenaline rush without in-group competition – Unlike bowling and other popular games, escape rooms don’t require players to compete against each other. Instead, they facilitate teamwork and open communication since everyone has the common objective of figuring out the room’s solution before time is up. Still, if you’re in the market for some friendly competition, you can race with another group in our Quarantine “Labs” A & B. Just be sure you’re up for a serious mental workout, as this is one of the most difficult challenges offered by our escape room Newtown, PA organizations and corporate groups enjoy!
  • A short (but sweet!) escape from reality – No matter what your profession is, sometimes you just need to get away from it all. However, it can be hard to find the time to take a vacation, especially when your best buds all have different schedules. Expedition Escape offers the chance to exit the real world for a bit and focus entirely on having fun with the important people in your life. As long as you’ve got an hour to spare, you have time to come forget your worries and immerse yourself in one of our themed, live-action puzzles!

Eager to know what an individual who has completed an Expedition Escape challenge thinks about our venue? Here’s what a seasoned escaper named Thomas shared about his three experiences at our escape room Newtown, PA adventure addicts love:

“I have played three of Expedition Escape’s rooms – Quest, Quarantine and Candy Shop. It truly is a thrilling experience to solve your way through their puzzles and escape with a few minutes (or even seconds) left on the clock. The seamless incorporation of theme and technology into many of the puzzles makes each room unique and memorable. The expedition guides are incredibly friendly and accommodating, and they remotely watch over you as you play. Through an in-room monitor, they will offer as many or as few clues as you request, which tailors the difficulty to your experience level. The option to privately book a room with four or more players is a big bonus, meaning that you won’t be frustrated in a room full of strangers. Get a few friends together and try this – you’ll be talking about it for weeks to come!”

Dare to Give Expedition Escape A Try with Your Team!

If you’re looking for an activity that promises adrenaline-pumping fun for everyone in your group, then you definitely need to check out Expedition Escape! To save a spot for your posse, just head over to our online booking portal and choose from the available room reservations. We can’t wait for your crew to take on an escape room Newtown, PA adores here at Expedition Escape!