Quarantine Escape Room Game – Montgomeryville, PA

Quarantine Escape Room Game

Quarantine is located at our Expedition Escape Room Montgomeryville Location.
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There has been a pandemic outbreak of Apocu-enza, a horrible virus that spreads quickly and is always fatal. Luckily, you have been symptom-free so far and you also happen to work in the lab where a brilliant scientist created the only known cure for Apocu-enza.

However, being a rather paranoid individual, the scientist protected the formula in her lab with layers of codes, puzzles, and safe fails. Now she has fallen victim to the deadly virus and left the antidote in her lab. You and your fellow survivors have 60 minutes to acquire the antidote before the virus infects you.

Can you make it out of Quarantine alive?


Minimum Number of Players: 2

Recommended Number of Players: 6 to 8

Maximum Number of Players: 10



This is our challenge room. We have two of this exact room so you can compete head to head with another group. When you make your reservation, be sure to add both Quarantine A & B into your cart at the exact same time. This will reserve both rooms at the same time, as long as each of them are available. If one is not available at the time you’ve chosen, simply choose a time where they are both available!

You can still try out this room without racing another, just book either Quarantine A or B by itself.

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Helpful Hints

Teamwork Needed
Analytical Thinking

What Our Escape Room Players Are Saying

We had such a fun time trying to find Aunt Edna’s inheritance at Expedition Escape! It was my first time doing an escape room and I really was impressed with all the fun details that went into it. Our guide Bumper was helpful and fun. Will definitely be back.

Denise, Google

We had a great time!! Our first escape room and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. Aunt Edna’s condo was a good one to start with and our guide Natalee was very helpful with clues along the way. We wouldn’t have made it as far without her!!

Elexis, Google

This is a combination of a N.E.R.D (New Escape Room Designs) designed game (with parts of it that could be located in different areas) and an in house designed game by the owners, Marisa and Skylar, of Expedition Escape!