Da Vinci’s Office Escape Room Game – Montgomeryville, PA

Da Vinci’s Office is located at our Expedition Escape Room Montgomeryville Location.
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You’ll never be with any strangers!


Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the greatest minds the world has ever known. Throughout his lifetime, he has invented, painted, and sculpted in such quantities that discoveries regarding his works are being made every day.

As an aspiring inventor, working with Da Vinci would be a career-defining accomplishment. Da Vinci is known to hide his precious secrets behind layers of tricks and traps in order to stop and discourage any unwelcome competition.

In the first step to an apprenticeship, DaVinci has devised a test for you to complete. He will allow you into his private office where you will have one hour to work through the puzzles he has left for you and let yourself out. If you succeed, you will be granted a one-year apprenticeship with the master.

But if you fail, you will be ostracized and never work in your field again. Are you up for the challenge? Do you have what it takes to become Da Vinci’s apprentice?


Minimum Number of Players: 2

Recommended Number of Players: 6 to 8

Maximum Number of Players: 10

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Helpful Hints

Teamwork Needed
Observation Skills
Outside the Box Thinking

What Our Escape Room Players Are Saying

We had such a fun time trying to find Aunt Edna’s inheritance at Expedition Escape! It was my first time doing an escape room and I really was impressed with all the fun details that went into it. Our guide Bumper was helpful and fun. Will definitely be back.

Denise, Google

We had a great time!! Our first escape room and it was nothing short of an amazing experience. Aunt Edna’s condo was a good one to start with and our guide Natalee was very helpful with clues along the way. We wouldn’t have made it as far without her!!

Elexis, Google