Escape Room Conshohocken

Are you looking for new and exciting things to do with your family? Your search is over now that you’ve landed on Expedition Escape! Participating in one of our thrilling escape rooms is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your family. Why should you choose this activity over going bowling or seeing a movie, you ask? Here are a few things that put our escape room Conshohocken kids and adults love ahead of more traditional venues for family outings:

  • You’ll get to experience a live-action mystery – Even the most intense movie can’t compete with the heart-pounding fun of an escape room adventure! That’s because escape rooms allow you and the rest of your family to actually be immersed in the story rather than just watching it unfold on a screen.
  • Our escape rooms require teamwork, which will bring your family closer together – No matter which of our themed rooms you select, one thing is for certain – your family will have to work together in order to successfully complete the challenge before time runs out! Moreover, the benefits of this team building experience will stay with your family even after the escape expedition ends.
  • We’ve got something for everyone – If there is a large age gap between your kids, it can be difficult to find an activity that everyone will enjoy. Our escape room Conshohocken families can’t get enough of solves this problem by promising an awesome time for all ages and skill levels! More specifically, the younger children can be in charge of collecting clues while the teens and adults focus on decoding them.

Want more proof that Expedition Escape is the best option for your next family fun night? Check out this review from an enthusiastic escaper named Cheryl:

“My family did Aunt Edna’s Condo on Saturday with Devon. Devon was awesome! This was our first time with three kids and my husband. Not knowing what to expect, we were glad Devon explained everything up front. Once in the room, she was awesome with her tips. She was very happy to talk with us after the game to answer our questions and explain where we went wrong. Even though we failed, my kids have talked about it all weekend as being the best thing ever. We will be heading to Montgomeryville for their beginner Santa room! The only thing that Devon could have done for us was give us 10 more minutes and get us back to the clue on the floor!”

Try the Escape Room Conshohocken Trusts for Family Friendly Fun!

Are you ready to find out for yourself why Expedition Escape has gained a reputation for offering an exhilarating, unforgettable experience for the entire family? It’s time to reserve your room using our online booking portal! And if you’d like to read about why our venue is ideal for events, be sure to check out our recent blog post. We can’t wait to hear what your family thinks about our escape rooms!