Corporate Team Building Philadelphia

Partaking in a group team building activity every so often is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create and maintain cohesion among a group of employees. Need help brainstorming possible activities for corporate team building Philadelphia groups of any size and type will enjoy? A fun and unique pick is Expedition Escape, an escape room venue in which players must work together to solve puzzles and riddles in real time in order to “escape” before the clock runs out!

When your team participates in one of our escape room adventures, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits that will stick with you long after you’ve left our venue:

  • Strengthened employee relationships – Nothing brings people together quite like being tasked with solving a challenge within a time limit! As your team members join forces to collect and decode escape room clues, you’ll find yourselves forming new friendships and building upon ones that already exist.
  • Amplified morale – An escape room only takes an hour to complete, but even in this short time, this fun change of pace will spike morale at your company. Everyone will be refreshed after having an opportunity to “escape” the office for a little bit and try something new.
  • Increased productivity – When employees feel more comfortable working together and morale is high, it follows that productivity will also go up. This is a major perk for any business!
  • A more positive work environment – The combination of heightened morale, improved productivity and stronger work relationships will ultimately result in your office being a more enjoyable place to work. Who doesn’t love that?

As you can see, Expedition Escape has far-reaching benefits when it comes to corporate team building Philadelphia crews can’t get enough of. Want to know what past visitors have to say about our team events? Check out this review:

“I organized a corporate team building event here last week and everyone had a great time! We had our choice of four rooms to pick from and we were able to bring in our own catering and beverages for after we completed the rooms. The hosts were so energetic and helpful. I definitely recommend this location if you are interested in trying out an Escape Room experience!” –Anja M.

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Are you ready to try corporate team building Philadelphia groups choose when they want to improve worker relationships and have a ton of fun along the way? Go with something different and exciting – select Expedition Escape!

To learn more about what makes us the best escape room Philadelphia has ever seen, check out our recent blog post. And when you’re ready, use our online booking portal to reserve your team building experience! We can’t wait to see how your crew fares in a thrilling escape challenge!