colmar escape room

Looking for a fast-paced, brain-teasing activity you can do with your friends, family or coworkers? Come to Expedition Escape and see if you can break out of an escape room Colmar residents love! When you enter one of our thrilling escape rooms, you and your group will have up to 60 minutes to solve a puzzle, which will range from moderately challenging to nearly impossible depending on which you choose.

Whether you come to Expedition Escape for an intimate bachelor/bachelorette party or a huge team-building workshop, we guarantee everyone in your party will get something valuable out of the experience. Namely, they will feel more connected with the other people in the group after embarking on the challenge.

You see, participating in an escape room Colmar citizens can’t get enough of will require your group members to work together to uncover clues and crack codes that will lead them to escaping the room. In order to get out of the room before the timer stops ticking, your group members will need to rely on each other’s individual skills. Perhaps some people will be good at finding clues while others will have a knack for figuring out riddles – the key is to determine what each player excels at and take advantage of that to give your team the best chance of escaping!

A Few of Our Team-Centric Escape Rooms

If one of your goals is to create or increase cohesion among your group members, we recommend checking out the descriptions of our rooms before selecting one. Each room differs in terms of difficulty level and skills that will lead to success, so you’ll want to choose a room that meshes with the qualities of your coworkers or loved ones. Stumped about which room to try out first? Here’s some help:

  • Aunt Edna’s Condo (KOP) – If your group includes some escape challenge newbies, this is the right choice. In addition to encouraging teamwork, it will also prompt your group members to keep their eyes wide open for clues. The escape rate is 80%, so if you work together, chances are you’ll succeed!
  • Quarantine (Montgomeryville) – This room is perfect for out-of-the-box and analytical thinkers. But be warned: the escape rate is only 1%, so we don’t recommend it for first-time escapers! A super cool thing about this room is that we have two: Quarantine A and B, so two groups of 10 players can engage in friendly competition and see who can escape first (or get the closest to escaping!)
  • Baker Street Mystery (KOP) – Up for a challenge that requires creative thinking and searching/detective skills? The Baker Street Mystery may just be for your group! There’s only a 15% escape rate, but it’s totally possible to succeed if every player gives it his/her all!

Ready to book an escape room Colmar adventure seekers rant and rave about for your next event? It’s time to reserve your room on our website! If you’d like to learn more about how our thrilling escape rooms work before doing so, check out last week’s post. We can’t wait to meet you!