Benefits of Team Building

What pops into your brain when you hear the words “escape room”? For many, this phrase brings to mind a fun, exhilarating activity that allows adventurous individuals to flex their puzzle-solving muscles. This is absolutely right, but it’s not all there is to look forward to when your group embarks on an escape expedition – an oft-overlooked perk of escape rooms is their awesome value as a team building exercise.

Whether you play with coworkers, teammates or friends and family, you can expect to enjoy the many benefits of team building both during and after your escape adventure. Here are just a few of the perks your team will reap by coming together to seek out carefully laid clues and decode mind-boggling puzzles that will lead you to the room’s solution:

  • Improves team communication – Whether you and your fellow team members work, live or play together, open and honest communication is key to building strong, lasting relationships with one another and getting things done efficiently. In order to be successful in making an escape, your team’s players will need to figure out how to express their ideas in a way that everyone else understands. In turn, participating in an escape challenge will give everyone on your team a chance to develop more effective communication skills which can then be put to use in other settings. Heightened group communication will tremendously improve how your team works together, making it one of the most valuable benefits of team building activities!
  • Encourages team members to appreciate each other’s unique skills – Apart from being a fun way to inspire your group members to take their communication skills up a notch, a team building escape adventure will also highlight the strengths each person brings to the table. Maybe one person will be particularly good at spotting clues while another is especially adept at keeping the group organized. Whatever your team members’ individual abilities may be, an escape quest will showcase them and prove that every person has something important to offer the team.
  • Builds morale – It’s no secret that a positive attitude is essential to maximize productivity and performance. This goes for corporate groups, sports teams and any other type of crew. Yet another one of the benefits of team building exercises like escape rooms is that they stir up enthusiasm, thereby boosting morale and creating a team spirit conducive to accomplishing the group’s goals – whatever they may be!

This is just the beginning of the benefits of team building that your group will take away from an escape room escapade at Expedition Escape! To learn more about what our challenges can offer your team, head over to our recent blog post.

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