Are Escape Rooms Hard

Are Escape Rooms Hard?

If you’ve never tried an escape the room challenge before, you may be wondering Are escape rooms hard? Will my group enjoy this activity if we don’t have any prior experience with solving live-action puzzles? And what about the kids – can they come along, or will it be too difficult for them? The answers to these questions will depend totally on which themed escape room your crew chooses.

Here at Expedition Escape, we strive to offer a wide range of rooms so that newbies, escape room pros and everyone in between can enjoy our venue. Furthermore, we like to stress that we are a family friendly escape room venue, not a kid-friendly one. What we mean by this is that the vast majority of our challenges are best suited to groups made up of all adults or a mix of adults and older children. We recommend leaving kids under the age of 8 with a babysitter while you undertake your expedition since our rooms are too complex for young children. On the other hand, older kids and teens can be a great help, as they can seek out hidden clues that adult minds might look past while the older players concentrate on figuring out the complex puzzles.

To be more specific in our answer to “Are escape rooms hard?,” we’d like to tell you about the system we’ve come up with to help our visitors decide on which room(s) will be most appropriate for their group. Basically, we’ve created a difficulty scale so that we can assign a level to each room. Here’s a quick breakdown of our difficulty categories and what each one means:

  • Kids – The Lost Teddy room at our Montgomeryville location is the one challenge we offer which is designed for groups consisting mostly of kids (up to eight kids may participate, but they must be accompanied by at least one adult aged 18 years or older). This room challenges youngsters ages 8-12 to think outside of the box and work together to find a lost teddy bear within 30 minutes.
  • Challenging/Beginner – Rooms with this difficulty label are ideal for first-time escapers, as they are challenging enough to make escape room novices think without being frustratingly impossible for them to complete.
  • Intermediate – This next level is best for crews who have some experience with escape rooms, but we have also had some ambitious newbies take it on and succeed!
  • Advanced – Expedition Escape rooms categorized as “advanced” require serious observation skills and clever thinking, so we highly recommend working your way up to this difficulty level by first trying one or more of our less difficult rooms. However, we certainly won’t stop you if your team wants an extra difficult experience the first time around!
  • Expert – Quarantine is our expert escape room reserved for true escape artists who have successfully completed several difficult rooms in the past. In order to make it out in time, players must be able to think analytically while multitasking and demonstrating excellent teamwork skills.

As you can see, the answer to “Are escape rooms hard?” depends heavily on which room you select. While all of our rooms are meant to be challenging, some will be more difficult than others depending on your experience level.

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